The Truth About Nostradamus

Nostradamus – The Prophet Or The Phony?


Some say Nostradamus was just a man. Others thing he was much more.  Or at least, his abilities and gifts allowed him to BE much more than just a man.

Today, he is known as the most infamous “prophet” of all time.

Is that true?  Or just a hoax?

In this extensive article, I will show you what I learned about Nostradamus and make sense of whether or not what he said was actually DIVINATION (i.e. telling the future) or just a bunch of misunderstood gibberish that people have placed meaning on.

Exploring His World

In detailed description, prophecy after prophecy fulfilled centuries after they’re made. Carefully configured secret code to provide us insight on threats to come. Prediction after prediction falls true, bringing forth civil wars, falls of empires, tragedies in royal families, entire cities to burn to the ground.

Has the greatest and most terrifying prediction of all, began to unfold?

You decide, as you take a glimpse into the life and words of the most notorious prophet in the history of mankind since the recorded prophecies of Jesus.

Who is Nostradamus?

Nostradamus, by far the most prophetic and influential writers in the history of mankind, known for foreseeing and predicting events so astonishing and influential, they have shaped our very existence today.

Born in Saint-Remy-de Provence, a village in the south of France in 1503 to a family forced into Christianity out of Judaism, he was the first son of his Jewish family to be baptized Catholic.

Perilous times, he was surrounded by religious scrutiny and fanaticism, plague, and violence, his writing resembled his surroundings. Darkness, mysticism, and predictions of evil turns of events, his written words reflected on the future to come.

Notorious for his publication “Les Propheties” .  A work to consist of one thousand, four lined  poetic entries known as quatrains, segmented into 10 sets of 100 known as Centuries.

One of the Centuries missing 58 quatrains and the last 3 Centuries being published after his death, only adds to the controversy, speculation, and mystery of that has engulfed the infamous prophetic scholar.

Although living in the 16th century, Nostradamus seemed to have a looking glass that peered deeply into our current time period and even further into the future of our own existence.

How did he make these descriptive predictions that seem to unfold exactly according to the details in his poetic predictions?

Did Nostradamus receive his visions from God as he proclaimed? Did he possess supernatural powers that allowed him to peer into the future?

Was it his profound knowledge of Astronomy and Astrology and his understanding of time and events, and their continuous recurrence from the demand of cyclical time and their relationship with the alignment of stars and patterns?

Are skeptics wasting their time attempting to discredit him? Are believers wasting their’s trying to figure his methods out? Who has finally realized that his messages are of far greater importance than his methods?

Nostradamus Describes His Methods

Century 1 – Quatrain 1

Sitting alone at night in secret study;

It is placed on the brass tripod.

A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and makes

Successful that which should not be believed in vain.


Century 1 – Quatrain 2

The wand in hand is placed in the middle of the tripod’s legs.

With water he sprinkles both the hem of his garment and his foot.

A voice, fear; he trembles in his robes.

Divine splendor; the God sits nearby.

Through his first two quatrains, he explains the process that’s taken as he prophesizes through answers from the Universe, maybe even through the voice of God.

Peering into a pool of water, just as the ancient Greek Oracles at Delphi, Nostradamus used his knowledge as a physician, astrologer, and alchemist to peer deep into the psyche of humanity.

He was molded through his own suffering from the loss of his wife and two children to the plague.

The darkness and the hellish conditions surrounding him and the chaos of the world from foreign invaders, civil war, religious fanaticism, caused him to turn and look inward.

He may have remained unheard if it weren’t for the perfect timing of the invention of the printing press. Through this new technology, he was able to spread his word across Europe and Spain.

After his first publication of a cosmetic guide and cookbook, he used his intellect and knowledge of astronomy and began writing Almanacs.

This is when Nostradamus began to create poems with carefully constructed versus of astrology and began outlining what seems to this day as a road map of epic events.

Disturbing Detailed Prediction of Royal Death!

The Italian Queen of France, Catherine de Medichi, who sat aside King Henry II on the throne was an avid reader of Nostradamus’ almanacs. She immediately obtained a copy of “Les Prophecies” and was forever linked to the 35th quatrain of the 1st century (#1-35)  Translated in English, it reads as follows:

The Prediction:

The young lion, shall overcome the older

On the field of war, by single combat

Through armor of gold, his eye will be pierced,

Two wounds in one, then to die a cruel death.

After reading this quatrain, Queen Catherine de Medichi felt as if she had been made aware of some sort of celestial information. She believed that this quatrain reflected directly on her husband, King Henry II.

She even invited Nostradamus to come and speak with her about it and read a horoscope on the royal family. This in itself was extremely dangerous. You couldn’t tell the queen anything that would disrupt her negatively, or death be the outcome.

Because of this, he gave the queen and her daughters a very positive and vague reading.

He knew how to persuade through words and be completely indirect.

He knew that if he told people how the future would truly be, they would be disappointed.

However, the true prophecy that was written came true.

Four years later, the daughter of King Henry and Queen Catherine was married.

During the celebration of the marriage of King Henry’s daughters, the king challenged a  Count Montgomery to a joust match.The queen begged and pleaded with the king, asking him not to go through with the match. Being as superstitious as she was, the king ignored her pleas.

Maybe the queen’s superstitions were an awareness of celestial information provided by Nostradamus. The way the events play out is truly prophetic.

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Here are some indisputable facts about his predictions:

-Both shields gripped by the King and the Count bore a lyon.

-The king was much older than the count.

-The arena where the match was held was called “Champ de Mars.” (Field of War)

-Montgomery’s lance breaks and the point of Montgomery’s broken lance goes through the eye slant of the helmet and penetrates Henry’s eyes.

-After nine days of agony, King Henry died.

Did Nostradamus see this event 3 years before it happened?

The queen thought so and appointed him as the royal astronomer.

This was the first popularly recognized  prediction to come true during Nostradamus’  lifetime and many more have followed.

Plain Trickery!

After many successful predictions in his Almanacs, even before his great prophecy of the death of King Edward II, people in his village put Nostradamus to the test. One story tells of a local villager testing him through common trickery.

After inviting Nostradamus to dinner, the villager asked him to predict what pig they would dine on for their feast. “The black one or the white one,” he asked.

Nostradamus answered, “the black one.” The villager then instructed the cook to butcher and cook the white one.

The villager asked him again, after the meal was served.  Again, he answered, “the black one.”

Dinner was served and the villager gleefully began to explain that the white pig had in fact been the pig that was eaten, but in the middle of his explanation of the planned events, the cook announced that the white pig had been prepared and fell to the floor and eaten by the dog and cooked the black one in it’s place.

In the documentary “The Man who Saw Tomorrow,” Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, Director, Institute of Noetic Science, brings up the fact that the future is but a result of choices made in the present and that everyone has some ability to see into the future. Some just have greater awareness than others.

The fact that so many of Nostradamus’ predictions that have came true is why many scholars still study and attempt to decode his quatrains.

Most of these predictions were of events so large in scale, they have affected us globally.

Instead of explaining it all to you, here’s a good youtube video Top 10 Nostradamus predictions that came true with good description and comparison.

Are Nostradamus’ Prophecies Real?

He wrote them down in the 16th century and they have provided to be a proven road map of epic events that have had massive effects on many eras. The predictions have come true, haven’t they?

I don’t think whether they’re real or not should even be up for discussion.I think what skeptics and other people get hung up on is whether or not they are from God or some paranormal power. Scientist attempting to find error in a subject that they’re completely ignorant and unfamiliar about.

It is obvious the man had visions about things, most of them completely out of his lifetime. I don’t think it matters one way or the other if it came from a divine power. Technically, everything comes from God, or as others may wish to say, a Divine Power. Some may refer to it as the Universe.

Nostradamus openly used the Universe to form his predictions and it is well known that all answers lie in the Universe.

He believed the alignment of the Sun with the center of the Universe, was what would cause the massive change of events. This occurs every 26,000 years. The last time it occured was the beginning of the Ice Age and the end of almost every existence.

This draws the question of whether this phenomenon is the end or a new beginning.

Considering that a new beginning requires an end, it seems obvious that the answer is both.

This is ancient knowledge that was also possessed by the mayans and the egyptians.

The Mayan Calendar was based upon this entire principle and the dates align perfectly.

Is our advanced society wrong, or do people of power know things that they feel must not be shared. Did Nostradamus share these things with us through obscure poetic verses written in a blend of languages and a secret language referred to as “Green Speak?”

The answer is yes. Don’t turn a blind eye to what is clear as day. Don’t be one of the sheep that the ones in power try to force you to be.”

Prediction of the End of Time

Think about it …

Extinction has occurred 5X before on our planet. all of these different ancient civilizations with the knowledge that they possess and are able to Aid us in the prevention of self-destruction. 5X the inhabitants of this Earth have not been able to do it properly are we on our way to being the 6?

Why wouldn’t a Divine Power or our God send someone to warn us of the dangers we face?

A universe this beautiful created this articulately would be such a shame to go to waste.

Just as Dr. Mitchell said in the documentary,  the future is made up of the decisions and choices that we make today therefore we are all able to not only see into our future but also determine it. We manifest everything in our lives.

Whether or not Nostradamus had a superpower that guided him to specifically see future events holds no relevance with me. Everything is possible.

The fact that he dedicated his life to warning us of the events to come is what holds relevance with me. The fact that all of his predictions were of mass proportions with epic results and outcomes is what holds relevance to me.

When he wrote the quatrain about King Henry II dying in the joust match, he didn’t take the king’s choice or free will away. He presented an outcome that may have been based off decisions made during a particular stars or planets alignment.  It’s never too late to make a sound decision.  

According to the same man that predicted all of these other Earth changing events, we’re not done making decisions. There is a lot more in store and things are getting even more drastic and of epic proportion.  Doesn’t that seem obvious to you, regardless if Nostradamus said it or not.

Yes, he has predicted this and it’s obviously fact. Time isn’t going to stop.

Things and events aren’t going to become less important.

Nostradamus’ predictions are merely sensible and factual.

The true brilliance, the breathtaking part of the prediction is in the detail.

The Advantage

Take advantage of the enlightened knowledge that has been passed down to you.

Nostradamus isn’t the first, or only person to ever warn us of these drastic events that are going to take place if we don’t change the patterns of our history.

If  the alignment of the Sun and the center of the Universe that occurs every 26,000 years is our chance to break the cyclical events of time and protect what good we have and destroy the negative, then that’s the course of action that needs to be taken.

If you’re trying to figure out if Nostradamus held insight and  truth in his predictions, stop wasting your time. How would it benefit you to prove him wrong? It wouldn’t.

It would make the mysteries of the Universe less mysterious.

It would support a false claim of self righteousness over the Universe you’re a part of.

You may feel comfortable and less fearful of the drastic changes in weather patterns and the unworldly natural disasters. You may separate yourself from the religious war that is teetering on the level of World War III and the global terrorism that’s taking place.

Try not to look at Nostradamus’ writings as predictions, and look at them as warnings.

Warnings are not given without purpose and they don’t take away the power of choice and decision making.

Queen Catherine de Medichi was able to see the warning about the fate of her husband King Richard II, but that fate wasn’t sealed until he didn’t heed her own warnings and continued on with the jousting match.

If the King would have believed in the warning, his fate would have changed.

Nostradamus has given the world a chance to change it’s fate.

Are you going to believe his warnings and act accordingly,

Or are you going to ignore them as King Richard and seal your fate with doom?